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Welcome to Mustard and Seed, where every wedding blooms into a unique celebration of love and personal stories. I'm Mandri, the owner of this bespoke wedding floral company.


Our heart is to focus on building personal connections, fostering creativity, and promoting sustainability. We're dedicated to making a meaningful difference in both the wedding industry and in the lives of our clients. Our goal is to make sure every detail of a wedding reflects the individual personalities and dreams of our clients.

One of our mantras is "small seed, big tree," a testament to our faith that’s deeply rooted in growth and transformation. We go beyond traditional floristry to create a fresh look of creative floral elegance that’s a grand and classic setting with a personal touch.

We're more than florists; we are partners in telling a love story, committed to transforming spaces into unforgettable experiences with our dedication to authenticity, innovation, and sustainability.

Feel free to linger around and enjoy the floral elegance we’ve curated for you!


O U R  V I S I O N 

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